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20-03-2008 -

Recently Pour Habit was discovered by Stijnzer and was aired on the Brokeville Radio by a local ginger. This great punkrock band from California didn't bother to do this interview with BIAV. They mountaining out!

Biav: I know you guys are from Compton, California, how’s the scene back there?
Colin Pour Habit: The scene is pretty good. We have met some pretty awesome people and played with some good bands out here.

Since when is Pour Habit playing shows, are there any side projects going on at the moment?

Right now all five of us are completely engulfed in the band. We want to keep getting better and expanding our music to as far as we can take it. We have been playing a lot of awesome shows. We just played the Strung Out Benefit which was an amazing honor to us.

I think Pour Habit is not big in Europe, how come?
Wait... I thought we were the David Hasselhoffs of punk out there!! I think we have really tried to just let things develop the way they do. We have stayed away from signing to a label and have done everything on our own. Although we are always indebted to the bands like Strung Out, Authority Zero, Guttermouth, Death By Stereo that have supported us. We really want to get over seas and play for the people outside the US.

How was touring with Strung Out?
Actually, I, Colin (drummer) toured with Strung Out as a drum tech. All I can say is that if I died today, that was the highlight of my life. Every member of Strung Out is honestly the coolest most down to earth person. I learned so much from touring with them. Mostly what it is to be a good person. I can give an example of Jake taking two fans who showed up really early for an autograph. Jake ends up bringing them in the bus and shows them the new CD that had not even been released and hung out with them. Then he invited them to the next show about two hours away and made sure to take care of them at that show. That was something I will never forget

Who are your biggest influences? With what band would you like to tour?

We all listen to different stuff. Me and Eric are brothers so I would pretty much listen to the same stuff as him. We grew up listening to alot of Fat and Epitaph bands. Sean is really into metal. Charles loves blues and jazz. Steve is really into Pat Benatar... you deserved that steve. But we really listen to anything from Iron Maiden, to Strung Out, to Authority Zero, to Death By Stereo to Between the Buried and Me.

Is Pour Habit planning to hit the European stages?

We cant wait to get to Europe!! We might not come back once we get out there!!

Strung out has a reputation of a wild band, i guess you guys are the same, did any weird shit happen on your tour?

I think wild and crazy shit happens to us on a daily basis. When you have five best friends together and one of them is Charles, crazy shit is always around the corner. I mean Steve has the gnarliest 5 inch scar down his arm and to this day he still does not know where it is from.

It sounds like you guys have a lot of metal influences, is this right? How come? And why play punkrock in stead of metal then?

We love metal. Especially Me Eric and Sean. I think it is just because the musicianship in the top metal bands is so great. We dont really want to be classified as any type of music. I have probably read that quote a million times but we seriously dont think about what it sounds like. We just want it to sound cool.

How would you describe your sound/the band
The best description of our band would be Five best friends having the time of their life and the sound that makes.

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened while you were on stage?

Usually someone gets hit in the nuts (charles mostly) We pride ourselves with our stage show. Charles invented "mountaining out" because rockin out is not enough. One time we were playing a big stage show at the Vault 350 in Long Beach and I saw Eric slide face first across the stage. And then he had no pants on. Later when we watched a video of the show you see eric sprain his ankle really bad and the pain on his face when he is getting his pants pulled off over his ankle is classic.

Besides playing music, what’s your most favorite thing to do?
Charles like to play video games. Eric likes to smoke weed and come up with phrases like (imagine metal voice) "I need more fetus in my smooooothie", Steve likes to talk smack because he is the western regional smack talking champion, Sean likes to be a nice guy, and I like break things. That is a hard question because if we did not have the band or eachother we would be pretty bored.

What kind of jobs do you guys do
Charles is a full time Hater, Steve we think may possibly be a pimp or a drug dealer, Eric is a student (barely) and Sean and I work as fitness trainers.

Do you have any important messages for our readers?
For anyone reading this we just say thanks for supporting these types of websites and bands like us who just want to play great music (even though we dont). All of us have a lot of hardships and this band is the only thing we have to get us through. Hopefully some of the things we say you can relate to. Ummm... besides that just thanks for having us. Oh Yeah and We want to thank Strung Out, Authority Zero, Death By Stereo, Guttermouth, and Electric Turtle.

Thanks a lot for your time!

"Wait... I thought we were the David Hasselhoffs of punk out there!"

Written by: Ken & Michiel on 24-03-2008 5:20 pm
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